the consumerist

Was hanging out at Bobby's Brewers when a friend mentioned that she was such a "consumerist". She is leaving Vietnam permanently in a couple of months, but before she jets she is on a mission to have her perfect wardrobe tailored. Amidst the sprinkling conversation of ribbons, fabric runs, and seamstresses, I started thinking about my own consumer habits.

Before I came to Vietnam, I thought no way would I be buying more clothes. I had enough and already bought clothes I thought I couldn't find in Vietnam ( i.e. a few dresses) before I left. Besides, local Vietnamese fashion sense is questionable at times. But within the six months I've lived here, I've returned to my shopoholic ways.

Check out the goods I've picked up so far:

"What is with women and shoes? " ~ Seinfield
I have no idea why we're programmed this way, I'm averaging one pair a month. Thank goodness they are so much cheaper here.

And of course, lets not forget the dresses, especially when you can get them tailor-made to fit you to a "T". I just started getting dresses tailored a week or so ago. I love going on fabric runs and sketching out exactly what I want :) Only one of the above is tailored.

Check out my first sketch below. I think it turned out well. Looks so cute with white flats :)


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