test of patience

So yesturday night, as Steph and I are heading home, we get pulled over by the cops. Apparently, we were driving down a one-way street. I sat on the curb as Steph attempted to sweet talk us out of trouble. "We're not very familiar with the area and are kinda lost, can you point us in the right direction?"

The cops were busy on that corner, pulling people over left and right for one reason or another. And each person left as they paid their so-called "fine".

Steph and I were held for 20 minutes, within which I only spoke English and Steph pretended to speak broken Vietnamese. At first they wanted the bike registration, which we didn't have since the thing is rented. Then they threatened to withhold it for 20 days.

So we waited... and waited... the guy starts to get chatty with Steph. Next thing we know, he's asking for her phone number and to personally escort us home and possibly have coffee sometime. Yeah, right... What a scheez.... at least we didn't have to pay no fine.

We declined the offer of a police escort, really did not want the dude to know where we lived....

Earlier in the day, the fortune teller did say that her patience would be tested.


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