media comfort

Most people crave food when they miss home, which I do sometimes, but not as much as the TV shows that I watched with my sibs after a long day of work. Grey's Anatomy, Project Runway, Scrubs, Alias, Lost, Coupling, etc. They were usually followed by long talks into the night.

Yesturday I saw a commercial for the 1st season of Grey's Anatomy. It will begin showing next month. This was the last show I watched while I was home. All the shows that I miss seeing are appearing on the tube here, but they all start at the beginning again.

Although I had imagined that the familiar would bring comfort, I find that I'm not excited about watching them anymore. At least not here, maybe because I already know what will happen or maybe because I miss sharing the experience with my sibs, the laughter, the joking, eating way too much junkfood...

Spent last night on the rooftop, chatting with the girls till 3am in the morning, staring at the stars and wondering where do I go from here. TV doesn't do if for me anymore.


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