what did you order? Awhhh, heo....

One word of advice. Never ever, ever, ever, ever, EVER let Stephanie or 3 Peace Corp guys that just came from West Africa order dinner.

Cause what you'll end up getting...we'll lets just say..... can be difficult to swallow.

First up, SCORPIONS. One of the guys was once bitten by one. I guess this is revenge?.....

Oh and what might this delightful dish be? Yes, yes, indeed... it is a goat's penis. Thanks Steph. Looks absolutely scrumptious, NOT!

They cut it up and put in in a soup. Oh, even better....

Ummm.... I would just toss it under the table for the dog if I were you.

A demonstration of the 'gag reflex'. No, no, I don't want to try, no practice for me... I think I got the maneveur down pat....Its "chewy"? "Hard to get down"? Really? Who would have guessed?
( Click on image to see gag action in detail )

"We did it...try." Nope, I was born in the year of the GOAT, that's like cannibalism.

Down in the Mekong, they were out for blood. Snake's blood.

The snake was the one thing I did try. Chewy. But no shot of blood for me. Patricia downed the "heart". Girl, you crazy, you know that. Who the heck did I move in with?

Can ya take me back to the 'Bia Hoi' place? I'll be good.

They have normal food there, ummm like things that are actually appetizing to eat..


At 4/23/2006 3:04 PM, Blogger jack said...

damn tuyet.

i'm sitting here thinking, 'wow, i would never do that'.

but, then i realize it's experiences like this that gives a person character.

when you're 60, you'll have some wonderful stories about goat penises and scorpions.

At 4/28/2006 8:07 PM, Anonymous Han Su said...

You know if I ever visited, that's exactly what I would want to eat. Honestly. Give me the weirdest things you can dig up that's edible, i want to try it.


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