a fancy dinner

I'm a little bit behind on the posting just because so many things had happened the last week Steph was here. On the 9th of this month, a few days before she left, which was the 12th, Johnny invited us all out to dinner at this fancy restaurant, Au Manoir de Khai, which I didn't know about until literally the last minute.

He had mistakenly texted someone else about it and it wasn't until Steph had realized that I'm normally quite punctual that they figured out something was wrong. I was already eating dinner and watching the O.C. when they called and told me to get there as quick as possible and remember to dress semi-formal. They were all waiting for me to arrive before they started ordering. They had already be there an hour. What??? Ah the pressure... Got dressed as fast as I could and was out the door in 7 minutes flat.

The lady of honor, Steph, looking quite happy and gorgeous :)

Finally made it. Funny how it looks like Andrew is wearing a floral hat. But it fits, him being the Hawaiian and all.

Kevin, Thanh Tam, and Hans

The rest of the group.

Some dishes from dinner. I think its goat cheese salad and lamb. All the ladies were given menus without prices, isn't that nice :) Not so for the guys, lol.

Hot towel, anyone?

Out in the enchanting garden.

On a side note: Never eat two dinners when wearing a tight dress, you'll end up with a 'food baby'.

Oh, but the night was still young. We headed out for some "ballroom dancing" that turned out to be the most empty, random, lizard lounge I've ever been too.

The guys busting out with their best moves.

There was no ballroom, but plenty of dancing for the rest of the night, especially since we were the only ones in the club. So much space all to ourselves.


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