hit me!!!

Stephanie wanted to head out to the "casino" this past Friday night. We had a little practice session of Black Jack at home.

The guys brought their own beer. Patricia and I don't really drink that often, so had no bottle opener. No worries though, using their innovative instincts, they used our front door instead.

The occassion we were supposedly celebrating was Patricia's and Kym's trips back to the States and UK.

As we were waiting for Patricia to finish packing, our palms got a bit itchy and then the cards came out.

Steph right before her last round.

The two hands that wiped her out!!!

Kev was the only person who walked away with any money. He won all the hands that he dealt. Dang...

After well wishes and hugs, we headed out for more gambling.
At the casino in Club Royale, Johnny gave me 8 quarters to play the slots. I won 10 dollars. Woo-hoo!!!!

Steven won $40 on one Black Jack hand, walking away $9 buck ahead. Yay !


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