up, up, and away

Everyday, on the way home from work, I would look up and see hundreds of kites filling the sky. On a whim, I bought two of them, thinking maybe I could convince someone to join me in being a kid again.

Didn't take much convincing. Steph had the same idea, only her's involved a few of the kids that she had met through an orphanage. A little supervision of the kiddies, not a problem. So off we head to the RMIT's campus grounds for some high-flying fun.

Coach Steph explaining the rules. "Okay, no crossing over the white lines. No running into the Ultimate Frisbee players. OK? Okay. Break ! "

This littliest ones going as fast as their legs can carry them.

The others working on their technique, perfecting the lying down method.

All over the place. Kids are fast.

Nothing but blue skies.....

Waiting for the taxi, ready to get some food.

What else but some KFC chicken

...and ICE CREAM.

Men + Kids = Adorable.


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