all you can eat

The Saturday before last, a bunch of us headed out to Binh Quoi to check out their buffet for 99,000 VND per person.

They had pratically every Vietnamese dish you could think of.

We had to remember to pace ourselves just to try everything at least once.

Sheltered underneath a tent, we watched their huge puppet show.

There was a lot of things for kids to do too, such as playing on a see-saw. Dang Kevin!!!

And games: bingo, mancala, and some balancing thingy.

All of which Steph tried and won, while holding a can of beer in one hand. At bingo, she didn't even realize she had won until the neighboring kids pointed out that she had a '2'. All her prizes: decapitated stuffed animal heads and two tickets for another visit to the buffet. Whooppeeeee!!!

They shook their heads and laughed as she cheerleaded her way up to get her prize. Bingo here is very different than anywhere I've ever been. The numbers called are interspersed between lyrics of vietnamese folk songs. You really have to pay close attention to hear what the numbers are.


A trail of night lights dotting the stream

What is this? East Coast? West Side? Who's y'alls represent 'n?


Ahhhhhhh!!!!! Freaky... Johnny looks like Gollum!

Can't decide whether Steph's face beats Johnny's....


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