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Chinese Market Awash in Fake Potter Books

Yes, piracy is a huge problem in China, but the fact that a father actually sat down and wrote his own version to the ending of Harry Potter for his son is quite endearing. He just shouldn't try to pass it off as J.K. Rowling's work, but his own.

I see Harry Potter as a fairy tale, one that will most certainly not end with this last book because as with most other fairy tales, the characters will live on and change through interpretations by others. For example "Little Red Riding Hood". The most well known version of this story, by the Brothers Grimm, was not the first. The original tale is much darker, but most people forget that.

In the case of this father, I hope that he is able to get a publisher cause I'm curious about how he tells the story. This world is big enough for both versions. Why limit creativity if in the end it does not affect you financially? I'm certain that J.K. doesn't need the money. After all, the biggest form of flattery is not imitation, but inspiration.


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