getting local

I've been trying to be good and cutting back on western food, eating more and more Vietnamese food. Sometimes its hard. I get cravings for burgers and chips, but there is also a lot of great Vietnamese food out there that I have yet to try, I'm sure.

Earlier tonight, Ha took me, Kym, and Kevin out to one of her favorite seafood places in District 4. There was this amazing Curry Shrimp dish, really strangely shaped long mussels and oh man, Crab with Tamarind sauce, one of my favorites. Unfortunately, I haven't been carrying around my camera of late, so have no pictures. But next time, I'll be sure to take some and post.


At 9/20/2007 10:03 AM, Blogger Lin said...

I'm doing the local thing here too. So far no cravings for non-Taiwanese food. But next week I'll be forced to eat American b/c of a group meeting. Oh, at Shilin, we missed the big food tent - it's separate from the shopping area. Another thing for you to come back for!


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