hong kong

So after spending a week in California with Yoko, Kimchi, Bernie, and Cong. I headed to Hong Kong to visit my old college roomie Hanna, who's been living there for the past three years. I spent most of my days walking around the city. It has a great public transportation system, so everything was really easy to get to. This online map of HK by Centamap was also indepensible.

I love love all the so very tall tall buildings, although I didn't like how that trapped the heat and made the city so humid. Went to Victoria Peak to check out the skyline, ate a lot of food, checked out the a fashion exhibit at the Hong Kong Heritage Museum and the Asia Art Archives, in its new home on Hollywood Road, and basically wandered around exploring the different areas of Hong Kong, Kowloon and Lantau Island.

Met up with some friends from college, Tina and Jocelyn, so a bit of an unexpected Wellesley reunion, which is always nice :) I have had a lot of those this summer, mini reunions with family and friends. Summer has been perfect :)

Some pictures of Hong Kong

Now back to work....


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