I'm starting to have nightmares again. It started sometime last week. Babies have become a common occurance, but this time instead of just one, there are dozens of them. They are all in this pool of water, happily swimming when all of a sudden they start sinking, drowning. A feeling of helplessness washes over me, confused as to why they were all starting to drown, I woke up, finding my body tense and cramped all over.

Another dream involved some kind of an operation with my mother. She is lying on this table. The doctor opens her up and inserts what resembles a huge fish tail (imagine the bottom half of a mermaid if mermaids really existed) into her chest cavity. Instead of sewing her back up, he attaches a zipper. Horrified, I turn away from the scene and look down at my own chest. What do I find? I have a zipper too and am also lying on an operation table. I unzipped it to see my heart and lungs beating, breathing rapidly. Quickly zipped it back up and tried to sit and stand, get away and try to make sense of all this. As soon as I stood, it felt as if all the blood in my body was rushing out, leaking from the crevices of the zipper, draining from my body. I fainted.

Must be stressed... These kinds of dreams are appearing too frequently for it not to be.


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