going wi-fi

Read an interesting article about Boston going wi-fi in the Boston Globe magazine this weekend.

There was this observation about people's innate desire to connect with others, the fear of being alone. For example, why do people congregate in cafes to work on their laptops when, in theory, they would get more work done if they worked at home, alone, without distractions? Wi-fi seems to satisfy this need to feel a part of something, a sense of involvement in one's surroundings, community, etc. allowing one to interact with others whenever, wherever, and however they choose. Are we losing anything in this world of instant communication? gratification?

Check out NewburyOpen.net for Wi-fi locations in Boston. SalemOpen.net if you are ever in Salem :)

In other news, Adobe Aquires Macromedia. Wow!!! Hopefully that means more integration between the different applications.


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