pimps and hos

Went out last night with Chi, Hien, Huong, and Eddie. They wanted to check out this MIT grad party, the theme was 'Pimps & Hos'. How ironic? We are speaking of MIT after all. I decided to dress as a 'pimp'. Boy, did I get a lot of stares walking around Harvard Square carrying a cane, dressed in a white coat, black pants, and gray fedora. Had gone to meet the girls at Borders and headed back to Hien's place to pick up Eddie and let the girls change into their 'ho' gear. You ever notice how most 'ho' gear is made of materials that never needs to be ironed i.e. mesh, jersey, leather, corsets.... Found myself in the role of fashion consultant :) advising Eddie and Hien what to wear. Lol ! Picts will be coming soon once Hien e-mails them to me.

I must say that a cane is the one item that really completes a 'pimp' outfit. Now where in the world did I get a cane, you ask? My sis, Jo, got it as a graduation gift from her college. Back in the day when Amherst college was all male, it was a tradtion to give students of the graduating class a cane. The founders of the tradition must have thought it would look very distinguished when they became elderly gentlemen. When Amherst went co-ed, they stopped giving out canes. Jo's class decided to have the tradition reinstated. Being part of a 'pimp' outfit was probably not on the minds of the original founders. Young'uns these days :) "Why do pimps carry canes?" Chi questioned....I had no idea, but after seeing a few drunk people fighting later that night, I can see why a cane might come in handy. Poor Eddie, he tried to break up the fight, but of course, no one was going to take a guy dress as a pimp seriously, especially when they are busy beating the crap outta each other. He had no authority whatsoever! I thought is was funny how down he was about it, after all he's the resident tutor. LOL!

Party was a bit of a let-down. Hardly anyone dressed up.... Met an artist though, Eric, and was invited to an opening of a show he's working on. It happens to be on Fashion and Art :) Should be interesting.


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